Heavenly Creations by Kim
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Hand Decorated Cookies & Cupcakes
Oh Yeah.... Cookies & Cupcakes are in. And you simply cannot go wrong with either one... I promise!

So there's a Wedding, or a Baby Shower, or your parents Anniversary. Then there's that Birthday party you want to make super special. And you can't forget to tell someone I Love You or Thank You or Congratulations! My goodness there are so many special occasions to choose from!  

But don't worry, you can make your next event, party or celebration an amazing and memorable one with delicious and beautifully hand crafted cookies or cupcakes uniquely designed for whatever theme you choose. 

So take a look. I know it will be hard to decide from all the yummy choices, but whatever you decide, it will be made with lots of love and care. And if there is something you want and don't see, we can do that too!

Please keep in mind that because there are so many styles, designs & flavors to choose from, specific product orders will need to be submitted on the Contact /Order Form and a quote will be provided to you. Or you may contact me directly. 

I look forward to making your event a great one.

Talk to you soon!
Everything is made fresh to order with no preservatives which makes everything super yummy, but it also causes baked goods to be more delicate than store bought ones. This means that items need to be handled & shipped as safely as possible and there is no guarantee that there will not be breakage, although I will do my best. There are no refunds and shipping is only offered within the continental U.S. Advance notice is required and delivery & shipping is available at an additional cost.
God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or ask in your wildest dreams!                                      - Ephesians 3:20