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Boxed Bouquet
Cookie Bouquets
There are so many reasons to give them! And when you do, be prepared because you'll probably make someone smile, or possibly cry, or make someone's day, and maybe even get the biggest bear hug you ever got in your whole entire life!!!

Cookies  are designed according to any theme, occasion or holiday with your choice of many different shapes & sizes. So go ahead & pick one!..... it will be something they will always remember.... they won't want to & they'll really try hard not to.... but they will, eat it all!
 Priced according to cookie 
sizes & quantities:

          Medium - 3"    Large - 4-5"

                    3   from $25.00

       6   from $35.00     from $45.00

       9   from $50.00      from $60.00  

                       12  from $70

*Layered, Tiered, Stained Glass, Hidden Surprise & Jumbo Cookie Bouquet prices are determined when ordering due to size variations & designs.

Some cookie designs may vary in 
overall pricing due to required 
intricate decorating.

Some packaging shown may vary
or be substituted with similar items 
& overall pricing may alter if 
special designs are requested.  

3 day advance notice on all orders please.
Coffee Mug Bouquet
Flowerpot Bouquet
Gift bag Bouquet
Special Request
Vase Bouquet
Basket Bouquet

To order, use the Contact/ Order Form and specify the product desired, design/theme, style, size, quantity, color(s), flavor, topping, and any special details or information needed for a quote. Or contact me directly.